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OBGYN Matters, set up by Christian Barnick and Alison Wright in 2006, offers care for Pregnant women and women with Gynaecological Problems. Between them they have more than 50 years experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. OBGYN Matters is part of the Nuada Medical Group based at Number 19 Harley Street, London.

Working together with The Portland Hospital and The Weymouth Hospital we are able to offer a full range of Investigations, medical and surgical therapies. We are able to perform all routine and a number of specialist services. Onsite access to high quality imaging (Gynaecological and Obstetric Ultrasound. MRI, and Breast Screening) for example means that a single visit is often all that is required for a diagnosis to be made and treatment planned.


The Portland Hospital

The Portland Hospital is the only private hospital in London entirely dedicated to women and children.  Internationally renowned for clinical excellence, women from around the globe seek the expertise of the doctors here.  The Portland’s specialities are primarily Obstetrics (maternity), Gynaecology (women’s health) and Paediatrics.  Outpatient departments for both adults and children, imaging (X-ray, ultrasound and MRI scanning), physiotherapy and pharmacy are available, as are a full range of in-patient facilities.







The Weymouth Hospital

The Weymouth Hospital situated in Weymouth Street, just a few minutes from Harley street is a private hospital offering surgery in Gynaecology, Bariatrics and cosmetic surgery.

There are dedicated Day Stay and Inpatient areas and 4 operating theatres.

The hospital offers another excellent, high quality facility enabling us to be more flexible and offer greater surgical availability. It is also a non HCA hospital which is often pefered by insurers such as AXA-PPP and BUPA, facilitating the level of cover which we can offer our patients for Gynaecological Proceedures




The Team

Working as a team means that one of us or one of our colleagues is on hand for advice and support 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  The Portland Hospital staff are often commended on their professional yet friendly approach. The Portland’s Consultant Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and Paediatricians are accompanied by resident (and therefore onsite 24 hours) Consultant Anaesthetists, Resident Medical Officers (RMO’s) in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Paediatrics, experienced nursing staff and a team of midwives dedicated to your care during delivery.  The Portland ensure a high ratio of nursing staff per patient with an average of three to four women to one nurse/midwife. This ratio is increased to one to one care in critical areas such as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) the HDU and delivery suite.






Patient Safety and Emergency Care

Patient safety is our main concern. The Portland Hospital is often unfairly criticised by other private Maternity units for its' lack of emergency services. In fact the hospital is the only Private Maternity and Gynaecology unit in London to offer comprehensive services in all areas. It is the only Obstetric unit to offer 24hr on site Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetist cover. This is essential for an effective 24hr Epidural service and emergency cover. In addition, the hospital has specialists and facilities on hand should any emergency arise, including a dedicated Emergency Obstetric Theatre for Caesarean sections and other emergencies, an Adult High Dependency Obstetric care Unit (HDU), a Level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for babies beyond 28 weeks gestation, and a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).  All the staff have training in emergency procedures and all clinical staff are trained in basic life support skills. Many also have skills in intermediate and advanced life support, paediatric advanced life support and newborn life support. 



For your comfort

When you stay at The Portland or at The Weymouth Hospital for surgical procedures or giving birth, the hospitals are proud to offer you comforts and services to make your stay as relaxing, homely and convenient as possible.  This includes large and clean ensuite rooms, television, wireless internet, excellent catering, room service and unlimited guests visits, where extra rooms can also be provided if your guests wish to stay.
For a detailed menu of what we can offer, click here.


We are recognised by all the major insurance companies, such as AXA-PPP and BUPA, Cigna, Allianz.


Because your health matters to us.

We are proud to offer you two of the best London based professionals in this field and the superb facilities, amenities and accommodation of The Portland Hospital and Harley Street.