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Dr Chris Barnick on a ski slopeMy primary reason for becoming a doctor was to go into a career where I felt that I could make a difference to people. I soon discovered that I had a particular talent for those areas of medicine that were more intensive, practical and with high levels of stress. My personality is such that I found these situations rewarding rather than stressful and I gravitated to a surgical speciality. I have also always had good rapport with women so it was a natural choice that I should become an Obstetrician and Gynaecologists.

During my career I have realised that it is the day to day work, patient contact, team work and teaching that particularly interest me, in preference to management and research.

As a result I have focussed my attention on building my practical skills to the highest possible standard. I do not want to give patients routine care, I wish to give them extraordinary, personalised care, excellent outcomes and to minimize complications.

 In Obstetrics I managed to secure a consultant post at the Homerton Hospital where I have worked in the NHS for the past 18 years. There we have a busy obstetric unit which delivers more than 600 babies per annum in a socially deprived setting. As a result I have looked after many high risk pregnancies and had exposure to most high risk obstetric outcomes and emergencies. I have always enjoyed this environment and am pleased to continue to work in the NHS. I have an outgoing personality, I am always optimistic and through my experience can offer reassurance particularly during times of acute stress.


Many Gynaecological operations may be performed using Laparoscopic surgery, my aim is where possible to perform simple and complex gynaecological surgery using Minimal Access Techniques in order to maximise surgical outcome and minimise hospital stay and patient morbidity. I also believe that where open surgery is necessary this needs to be performed gently and with finesse in order to minimize morbidity. Moreover, I have learned that successful surgery requires teamwork, careful patient communication and detailed preoperative assessment; to understand patient needs, to build trust and to set obtainable surgical goals.

One of my proudest achievements as a consultant has been in establishing a British Society of Endoscopy (BSGE) Tertiary referral centre for endometriosis at the Homerton. There I work in close collaboration with General surgeons and Urologists to obtain carefully tailored outcomes for all our patients. It is proving to be a very successful collaboration and the unit is rapidly turning into one of the busiest in the country!

My long surgical career to date has enabled me to train many juniors and to work closely with many different surgeons from whom I have learnt so much. I look forward to continuing to build my reputation nationally and to the possible challenge of continuing this collaboration in an international setting.


General Interests

Sports:  Keeping fit, skiing, tennis.

Others:  The kids(!) Cuisine, Opera, Theatre