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Patient update - Coronavirus

As restrictions were lifted following the first wave of the Corona virus pandemic the R value of the virus increased. We now see infection rates and hospital admissions rising to worrying levels and as a result we have a new nationwide lockdown. Unlike the last wave, this time we are more prepared but the next few months will pose continuing challenges for all of us and we must continue to be vigilant. 

The government made it clear in their announcement on Saturday that they will keep provision for non-COVID patients going. In his statement, the prime minster said, “…this is really important - unless your clinicians tell you otherwise, you should continue to use hospital services, get your scans, turn up for your appointments and pick up your treatments. If at all possible, we want you to continue to access these services, now and through the winter.”

Special precautions have been put in place for outpatients and inpatients at both The Portland Hospital and The Hospital of St Johns and Elizabeth’s. These will ensure that they offer a ‘Covid Secure’ environment where women can be seen safely with the appropriate use of testing and PPE. 

As a result, we are still able to offer private face to face consultations. Surgery for benign gynaecological conditions will continue. Access to operating theatres will be better than before as we are no longer under contract to the NHS.

We are actively taking on new patients, both in gynaecology and pregnancy and as always, are available for advice, so please do get in touch if we can help in any way.

We appreciate that people may have difficulty in travelling to London or that they may prefer not to visit a hospital or clinic. Should that be the case, we are very happy to undertake a virtual consultation using e-mail, Zoom and telephone. We are well set up to consult remotely and can review the results of investigations, scans and previous treatment, give advice and offer our opinion without any direct contact. We can make treatment plans, arrange medical management and where needed plan surgery.

We are keeping our doors open and continue to encourage patients to access the care they need.

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We also offer evening telephone, Skype and Zoom consultations.

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