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OBGYN matters Fibroid Clinic aims to operate an outpatient clinic with a comprehensive patient centred approach to the care of women with fibroids. As in all areas of medicine the key to successful treatment of fibroids is in the careful selection of the right treatment for each individual patient. Patients have different needs and it is important that these are acknowledged and that treatment is centred round them.

For many conditions medical treatment is sufficient to either control symptoms or cure the disease. However, in the case of fibroids surgery is often required to achieve treatment aims.

Most gynaecologists are not able to perform keyhole surgery for fibroids and even in those who do their expertise in this area varies widely. What Mr Barnick aims to do is to perform this type of surgery to the highest possible standard, thus maximizing the success of surgery and minimizing possible complications, even in fibroids up to 12cms in diameter. 

Christian Barnick is a consultant at OBGYN Matters and is an expert in keyhole surgery. He runs the Fibroid clinic at OBGYN Matters and is lead for Laparoscopic surgery at the Homerton University Hospital NHS trust in East London. He has been managing fibroids for over 20 years. His main interest is in the laparoscopic, surgical excision of fibroids. He has three operating lists every week during which he performs keyhole surgery for fibroids, endometriosis and also other benign gynaecological conditions.

He is well recognized as an expert in this field and is recognized as a surgical trainer in laparoscopic surgery by the Royal college of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Because your health matters to us.

We are proud to offer you two of the best London based professionals in this field and the superb facilities, amenities and accommodation of The Portland Hospital and Harley Street.